Cheyenne and her cat, Val

Hi! My name is Cheyenne Coffey and I am definitely not Picasso. I have dabbled in lots of mediums, but for the last three years I have loved earrings the best. Each pair is made out of polymer clay, paints, inks, resins and lots of love. I find my greatest inspiration in my super cute supporters and not so cute reoccurring monthly bills.

Aside from making earrings all day, I co-own a small boutique in Louisville Kentucky called Barret Babes with two of my closest friends. Inside you can find vintage clothes, plants, and local art from 30+ small businesses and vendors.

In my little free time, I like to cuddle with my three kitties Val, Huey, and Jax, and my supportive partner, Nathan. I love baking, bad reality TV, travelling, and hosting dinner parties with friends.

Thanks so much for being here and all of the love and support. It means the world to me.